We have developed a business intelligence system for Eriell, an international oilfield services company engaged in explorative and production drilling for leading oil and gas companies in Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The service that we’ve developed allows the company to automate production control procedures: to collect reports on health, safety and environment, as well as to analyze data.
Work done
We've conducted business process analytics
We've worked out a concept
We've designed interfaces and preparated interactive prototypes
We've tested prototypes with the users and focus group
As per testing results, we've implemented interface updates
We've developed the server part
We've developed the web apps front end
We've implemented integrations with 1С accounting software and Active Directory
We're maintaining and supporting the product post launch
Daily at Eriell at the end of the shift drilling foremen had to submit reports with details on the drilling progress along with safety regulations compliance and personnel tasks assignment. The process used to be cumbersome since all the information had to be entered into Excel spreadsheets manually:
We have streamlined the process in the system that we’ve designed from ground up. All the user has to do is to go through a few screens and fill in the provided fields which will be checked by the system automatically:
Tech Stack
Backend: Java, PostgreSQL
Frontend: Angular JS
Integrations with 1С Accounting и Active Directory
Eriell supervisors regularly visit the oil well sites to check whether safety regulations are being followed drills and to ensure that briefings and trainings are being conducted.

During the audit the data is entered into the system and a report is prepared. The reconciliation act contains recommendations and deadlines for mitigation of detected violations. These recommendations then are displayed to the drilling masters within the system as a list of tasks.
The data collected from the reports and reconciliation acts is displayed in the analytics section.

The analysis of the data allows to observe the working conditions improvement progress dynamics, as well as to see objects requiring special attention. The system also allows to prepare reports for customers and state supervising agencies.
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