DNA2Style is an integrated b2c/b2b platform designed for online stores, shoppers and wardrobe stylists. The service streamlines user experience and allows to find modern and fashionable attire suitable for their physical appearance.

A neural network of our own design analyzes the user uploaded photos and determines suitable colors and shades. Based on this information the platform optimizes the displayed clothing items and assembles matching outfits.

The product includes mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a web app.
Work done
We’ve conducted a market research and identified the needs of our audience
We’ve developed a concept
We’ve designed interfaces for the main business processes
We’ve tested interactive prototypes
We’ve developed the server part
We’ve developed iOS and Android apps
We’ve developed the web app
We’ve integrated the system on a b2b level with online shops
We support, maintain and develop the project after launch
Defining a user's color type and outfits
During the registration process the user specifies relevant physical parameters and uploads a photo. Our trained neural network detects the color type from the photo and offers suggestions to see the appropriate outfits.
Professionally assembled outfits from stylists
The system displays a wide array of professionally pre-assembled outfits and allows the user to purchase the whole set or any item individually.
Personalization tools for wardrobe stylists
For the most discerning clients there's an option to try oneself in the role of a professional wardrobe stylist in order to create imaginative outfits and complete personalized looks for other users via built-in publishing tools.
Integration with shops
Stylists get an opportunity to bring their ideas to life using a wide array of global online stores. In order to achieve that we have prepared a convenient digital workspace which allows to update merchandise lists in real time.
Tech stack
Backend: Python, PostgreSQL, AirFlow, RabbitMQ, Redis
Frontend: Vue.js
iOS: React Native
Android: React Native
B2B integration
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