Pharmstandard is the leading pharmaceutical company in Russia.

Together with Pharmstandard Corporation's software development team we've designed and developed PharmSED 2.0 – an intelligent correspondence registration system with web and mobile devices integration.
Work done
We've conducted comprehensive analysis
We've developed the concept
We've designed interfaces for main business processes
We've built interactive prototypes
We've tested solutions with the work group
As per testing results, we've implemented interface updates
We've prepared a UI-kit with components
Transferred all achieved results to the dev team
We’ve done a lot of information gathering and analytics. This resulted in identification of key interaction patterns with the current version of the system, problems and bottlenecks. We’ve prepared a description of the system behavior at each stage of all business processes.
Brand Colors
Accents, main menu,
buttons, section selection
Muffled shades
Illumination of buttons, menu sections and secondary elements
Background colors
Icons and visual separation of service panels for convenience
Basic text, menu,
task description, comments
Buttons, statuses, headers, tags and
highlight important elements
Accented headlines
We're using a custom color palette to highlight the names in the comments section. Just like in the best messengers.
Back office employees receive a lot of incoming correspondence in their line of work and most of it comes in a single file or a "registry" (a package of documents marked with a barcode). When the code gets scanned all the included document are registered by the system. The recipients are notified about the new correspondence.
We’ve designed the system in such a way that an electronic copy of incoming paper correspondence is created at the moment of registration of enclosed documents and the recipient is notified via the integrated task manager notification:
Imagine that you're a manager who just got a package of contracts from a contractor. You turn on PharmSED app from your phone or computer, read the documents electronically, and discuss terms and conditions with colleagues in the comments.
When you’ve arrived at a decision you order paper copies from your secretary, add your signature and seal and just like that — it’s done! If you find the documents to be unsatisfactory you can assign your corporate lawyer to work on amendments on the document’s screen.
In case the screen resolution exceeds 1680px the system moves the comment section next to the document, so it becomes more convenient to work with text files.
Placing the file into the task section over the document viewer will result in the file attaching to the task.
If it is moved into the comment section, it will be attached as a link to the commentary.
You can switch the layout back to the horizontal view so it becomes more convenient to work with presentations, plans and tables:
The interface is designed to accommodate the client's corporate business processes.
We've included one of the most common top management orders – "to hold talks" as an option.
Managers don't always have the time to do write ups of tasks for their employees, sometimes it's easier to have a short talk.
The executive creates an order "to hold talks" with attached document (if necessary) and appoints his deputy as the task's assignee. The deputy receives the task along with the attached document and conducts a short kick off meeting with his boss.
We do not force the users to fiddle unnecessary mandatory fields, instead we adapt the system for each role and minimize the number of actions to get the result.
Mobile application
We've developed the mobile app in parallel with the main version of the system.
At the beginning of the R&D cycle, we immediately agreed that there is no point in copying all the desktop solution functions to small screens and highlighted all the frequent mobile app use cases.

t is convenient to use the application:
to discuss and comment on tasks,
reassign resposibilities,
change the deadline,
sign documents with an electronic signature,
and, of course, to view your upcoming tasks.
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