We've developed a radio communications management system for Nirit-Xinwei Telecom Technology. The dispatcher uses the program to establish communication with or between teams. On-the-fly management of radio conversations is important for users such as the fire department, EMERCOM, corporate&private security and etc.
Work done
We've conducted an analysis and mapped out user stories
We've developed a prototype design and tested out hypotheses
We've developed a cross-platform app both for Windows and MacOS
We've prepared technical documentation and training materials
We're maintaining and supporting the product post-launch
The main screen of the program focuses on the control of the team’s radio stations and quick communication with any person. The user card shows the status of the radio via color coding and icons. We have also highlighted the list of those contacts with whom the dispatcher communicates most often.
System’s main function is group and individual calls.
The dispatcher can set the call configuration both before and during the call. If necessary, the entire history of the calls can be saved so that the chronology of events can be traced back later.
The other important function is the messaging system. Dispatcher can send out SMS to one specific user or to group. The whole history of messages is saved, allowing to find quickly the recipients and subject of messages.
The user groups are managed by the dispatcher who creates and assigns them. The important thing is, each group has it's own priority settings. In case if two users talk simultaneously, everyone must be able to hear the voice of their supervisor.
The app has two color schemes — during night tame in low light condition it’s much easier to use the app in dark mode:
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