We've developed an automated business intelligence system for one the leading Russian aircraft manufacturers, the "United Aircraft Corporation", and its subsidiaries. The main activities of the corporation are R&D, production, sales, maintenance, service, modernization, repair and disposal of aviation equipment for civil and military purposes.

Our system allows to automate and simplify to a great extent such administrative processes as: registration of employees' trips abroad, reception of foreign delegations, registration of reports, preparation of internal memos, filing of applications.

The introduction of this service into the business processes of the Corporation has reduced the number of errors in reporting, accelerated the process of creation and approval of administrative documents and reduced bureaucracy.
Work Done
We've thoroughly analyzed the business processes within UAC
We've conceptualized the system
We've designed interfaces and built interactive prototypes
We've tested out hypotheses with real users within UAC
We've developed the web app
We've developed tech documentation and training materials
We're maintaining and developing the project post launch
There are thousands of employees working at UAC Corp. and its subsidiaries. Considering the fact that the Corporation holds a high rank within the Russian military-industrial complex the issues of security are of paramount importance.

The international travel registration system of our design significantly simplifies the procedure of registration for the high security clearance personnel without compromising security.
All the necessary information is logically grouped according to its meaning and then divided into a clear sequence of steps.

Prior to the implementation of our system it was necessary to keep in mind all the application forms and the approval sequence for different officials. Now the system will take care of notifying the user, will remind to compile a necessary document and display all the necessary fields to fill out:
Tech Stack
Backend: Laravel 7, PostgreSQL
Frontend: Vue.js
The system of accounting and monitoring of foreign and domestic delegations allows to speed up and simplify the organization of meetings and to uphold

From the point of view of the receiving side a number of various business interests (initially, often contradicting each other) of different entities within the Corporation were closely interwoven — "security", "subsidiaries", "management" and so on. We managed to create a solution that suits all the involved parties.
The system collects all the document sets along with the agenda of upcoming meetings that are held on the corporate properties. A few people from each department are working on the associated document set, so our product acts as a kind of a hub that collects all the information and allows for easy coordination.

All actions are logically broken up into steps and specific employees are assigned to each of them thus making a complex chain of instructions as simple and clear as possible.
The statistics section allows you to keep track of all activities associated with corporate-held events with foreign delegates and employees' trips abroad. Here you can compare activities for different periods, assess the speed of approval and preparation of documents, team's response to system notifications.
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